About me

Zeina Habib Coach, writer and speaker 


I am an ICF ACC certified coach working with young women to help them find their voice in their personal and professional lives. I believe we are are our best selves  when we connect to our inner world and our bodies. 

My journey living in three different countries and  working and studying different fields instilled in me this passion to support and inspire women in their own journey of self discovery. I went  from an unhappy civil engineer major to an accomplished multidisciplinary woman and I can help you find your own journey and place in this world. 

But before, let me tell you more about myself and how every part of my life helped me shape my identity in all aspects of my life and hopefully working with me will help you do the same.

I am originally from Lebanon a country I am proud to call my home for its nature, the spirit and humor of it people and its food. I have to say living there has shaped my humoristic and activist side. It has helped me find courage in the most frightening moments. I go from  focusing  on  what I can control and taking things with humor to  fighting injustice against women, LGBTQ+ communities and the environment. 


My passion to know about all the issues in the world is also due to the fact that I’m a bookworm. I have loved reading and writing since I was  7 years. I would sit for hours reading any book I could lay my hand on and have kept diaries since I was 11. Now both those hobbies are my gateway for helping people through my coaching and my blog. I will share with you insights from the best authors to push to look at your life from a different perspective.



I am also a ballroom and Latin dancer. Body movements has always been my stress  relief. .  It’s  my way of connecting to my body and shaping it as part of my identity. This also made its way into my coaching practice since I work with my clients to remind them their body is not just their way of existing on this earth, it is a big part of who they are. So,  throughout our sessions you will learn techniques and tools that will help you find your way back to your body.





One of my last two favorite things to do is travelling. I’ve had the chance to live in 3 different countries and visit many more. I am always in awe getting to know new cultures, tasting new types of food and meeting new people. Travelling has pushed me to be more curious and put judgement aside. There are so many cultures and people out there doing things so differently yet still happy and succeeding. Curiosity is not always easy but I’ve made it a habit to practice it and I will support you in doing the same; cultivating curiosity in the presence of judgement. 


Finally, I get to talk about my way of connecting to my inner world and nature; camping. Nights around campfire in the wild have always been my safest space to be. It can be quiet and serene or filled with laughter and stories shared with my favorite people. When I meditate , the campfire is the place I go to find that inner peace, when I want to connect to nature, it’s through camping and the smell of the earth and fire and when I want to connect to my favorite people camping holds my favorite memories of laughing and crying with them. By working together on meditation techniques and self exploration, I will help you find your own version of inner peace and connection to the world and your people.   


So,  this is who I am and what I can offer you if you decide to work with me.

So are you ready to embark on this life changing adventure?

If the answer is YES,  email me to schedule your first coaching session for free and become the best version of yourself.