You can choose from any of the below services I offer and schedule a free 20 minute call for more details. You can contact me at

Coaching services

Coaching program

This program is a 10 sessions guided program that helps you
1- Develop self awareness
2- Find your inner voice and purpose
3-Understand your strengths and challenges
4- Develop new habits that fit the person you want to be
5- Become more resilient in the face of setbacks and difficult emotions.
For private programs: $900
For group coaching : reach out for discounts

One session $135/session

4 sessions package $420 paid in advance or $460 to be paid in 4 equal payments

8 sessions package $820 paid in advance or $870 to be paid in 4 equal payments

Workshops and trainings

Leadership and resilience training for women in leadership positions

This training is a 10 hour training with 3 hours of one on one coaching. Its aim is to support women in leadership positions advance their careers. It helps participants align their actions with their values and purpose and become more resilient and better leaders and navigate the conflicts and obstacles they might face. For more details download the training brochure below.

Finding your purpose and habit change

This is a 90 minutes workshop that helps participant discover the meaning they want to create in the world and change their habits to achieve it. It addresses habit change challenges and how we can tackle them

Hogan Assessment with feedback sessions

I am certified in Hogan assessments. Hogan is a scientific based personality assessment. It measures a person’s strengths, derailers and values. It can be used for hiring, talent allocation and development plans for employees. As a certified coach, I can work with the client to help them understand the results and decide on the next steps accordingly.

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