A pause during these tough days

We are going through tough times, feeling all sorts of emotions, facing new challenges and obstacles all at once.

Some people are afraid of losing their loved ones and others are worried about their jobs. Some are angry about cancelled projects and vacations and others are  frustrated with all the changes to be made, working from home or constantly being around their family.

 It’s new and a lot to take in. 

So one thing we all need now is to be kind to ourselves. We have to be ok with feeling all these emotions. We have to understand we might act out, overeat, need more sleep, drink more coffee or yell without meaning to. Some days will be tougher than others and we might behave accordingly. So, we have to be patient with ourselves and  each other while we adapt. We have to be accepting and understanding now more than ever.

We should also take this time to pause.

We always say we have no time to get things done or to get to know ourselves. We want to take on a new hobby or try something new yet there is always an excuse.

During this period, we are running out of excuses and, we have the time.

So, I want to encourage you to take a second and think about some questions. Take a pause and look at your life from the outside.

Share your answers with me on Instagram, Facebook or via email so we can help each other find new ideas and feel less alone. I will also share mine once I hear from you

1- What emotions are overwhelming you and how are you handling them?

2-How did this quarantine make you stretch your boundaries?

3-Having your life slowed down, what are you spending your time developing?

4-What are your coping mechanisms?

5-What are 3 things you want to do when all this is over?

Hopefully, these answers will be your guide for every tough period in your life or maybe  a map towards making changes to your lifestyle.

We live in automatic mode everyday, We have a routine we follow and it keeps us grounded. Now we got a pause we have to take. So use it to rest, to feel alive, to learn about yourself and to think about the things you usually never think about.

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