Happy international women’s day

This year has been  full of difficult moments and losses all over the world. A lot of women lost their jobs due to the Covid situation and the lack of childcare and schools . Lebanese women, in particular,  went through so much  with the economic crisis and the explosion that took so many lives. Despite that, they’ve been heroes saving lives and helping those who have lost so much. They’ve cooked, raised money, protested and rebuilt the houses and hopes of many.

Like I said, this year required us to embrace the good moments in all of the darkness. 

So, on this International women’s day I want to #choosetochallenge the defeatists and the misogynists. We cannot  change the world with one action but rather millions of small actions that create hope.

I want to fight the terrible things and challenge the right taken from me to give my kids their citizenship, challenge child marriage,challenge marital rape law and challenge the lack of political female representation in Lebanon.

But I also want to celebrate the  small wins.

As Rebecca Solnit says “I believe that you can talk about both the terrible things we should engage with and the losses behind us, as well as the wins and achievements that give us the confidence to endeavor to keep pursuing the possibilities.”

So, as I speak of these losses, I also  want to celebrate the small efforts and  victories of every Lebanese woman around the world; the efforts she makes  in her home, her community and her country. We stand behind you ,support you and are proud of all that you are doing.

Happy international women’s day in the hopes that every year we will have more to celebrate and less to protest. 

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