Welcome to Voice Within

We are back with a new brand and new purpose

Welcome to Voice Within and let me tell you the story of what got me to this place

I grew up in a world full of noise. Everyone had an opinion about who you should be and what you should look like. There was always a right way to dress, exist and behave. 

It was all overwhelming and in the chaos of it all I had disconnected from my inner voice and my body. Then I became a coach and it’s like everything started to fall in place. I started this amazing journey of self discovery that brought me back to my inner world and my body.

So here I am today, kicking off Voice within to guide you on your own journey of self discovery, freedom and self love. 

I will give you the tools you need to explore your inner world and connect to your body. I will lead you  on the path of authenticity and belonging to your community and the earth.

So join me on this incredible journey as I share with you the questions that will change your life and the simple steps that will take you back to yourself.

Finally, this month, I want to spotlight the amazing graphic designer Danielle Haddad who designed my logo and all my template and color palettes.  Go check out her work and let’s support women’s businesses in Lebanon. 

More exciting news to come soon 

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