My wish for you in this new year

The new year is here and I feel different. 

This year somehow humbled me. It reminded me I am just a fragile little human among other fragile little humans and our lives are not limitless. Awards, degrees and projects don’t matter, what matters is  feeling fulfilled and at peace. Being  pretty or tall or smart doesn’t matter, what matters is  getting  hugs and love from those I care about.

I don’t need the beginning of a new year to create a new me and make resolutions. I don’t want more things; in fact, I want less of everything.

 I just need to be around my friends and family and cherish every moment I get to spend with them and every moment I get to live as myself at peace.

I may have found this new sense of purpose but it doesn’t mean I’m thankful for everything.  I’m not thankful for Covid-19 or for an explosion that killed hundreds of people  in my city Beirut. I had so many heartbreaks and  spent days walking around numb trying to survive.

I hate all the cruelty and losses we suffered this year but I am thankful for the things that created meaning in my  life despite all of it.

This year I learned to forgive myself for finding a sense of  peace and happiness  in the darkest of days. I was  sad, grateful, angry and happy all at the same time and that is totally ok. I can feel whatever it is I want to feel whenever I want to feel it as long as I have hope.

So here is my message and wish for you as we start this new year. 

Be grateful for making it through this year, forgive yourself for finding good moments in all the darkness and let go of wanting more; all you need to create a meaningful life is within your reach.

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